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  • The Eyes of Joshua & Caleb
    Thursday, January 14, 2021
    Joshua and Caleb never pretended that there weren't giants in the land. They knew full well what they were up against. In fact, Joshua would become the general to defeat those giants. Then what was it that separated Joshua and Caleb from the other ten spies who also saw the giants but brought back a bad report to the Israelites? The difference was that though Joshua and Caleb saw the giants - they didn't dwell on them. They didn't focus on them. Instead they focused on the blessings, the promise, the faithfulness, and the power of God. And they were the ones who entered and apprehended all that God had promised. So with you, it's not that you don't or wont' have problems in your life. You will. It's part of life. The key is - don't focus on them - don't dwell on them. They're only giants. They're there in your life to manifest the power, the victory, the faithfulness, and the triumph of God. They're only giants. Set your focus instead on the giant power, the giant love, and the giant faithfulness of your God and you too will enter the land of blessing God has promised you.
    From Message #1274 - The Joshua People
    Today's Mission
    Keep your eyes on the Messiah today so that you won't focus on the problems -- for nothing is too hard for Him.
    Scripture: Jeremiah 32:27
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn