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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Secret of the Arranged Marriage
    Thursday, February 18, 2021
    In Biblical times, how did you find a husband or wife? Did you go to the Jerusalem single's bar? Read the single's confidential section in the Dead Sea Scroll... 25 year old Pharisee guy, looking for a young Sadduccean woman, likes performing rituals, offering up sacrifices, and all around good times? Back in Biblical times, many marriages were arranged by the parents. Today, we go shopping for that Perfect One, the person with all the right and desired characteristics. Now you'd think that the modern system, where you choose the one you want to marry would produce better marriages than the ancient system where you had no choice; but not so. With all our searching and choosing the perfect mate, one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. And yet back then, when marriages were arranged, there was little divorce. What's the secret? It's about choosing to love the one who isn't perfect. In an arranged marriage you didn't choose that person at all. But you chose to love him or her with a perfect love. For God's love is not based on choosing perfect people, but choosing to love imperfect people with a perfect love.
    From Message #460 - Uncovering His Feet
    Today's Mission
    Today, make it your aim not to look for, expect, or demand perfect people or perfect situations, but seek instead to love with a perfect love and rejoice with a perfect joy.
    Scripture: 1 John 4:18
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn