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  • Arise My Love
    Friday, February 19, 2021
    In the Song of Solomon, the Bridegroom says to the Bride "Arise my love, my beautiful one and come." That first word, arise, is the Hebrew word Koomi. Koomi means "RISE." It's one of God's favorite words - and His word to you - Koomi - Rise. God's will for you is not for you to fail, trip up, fall or stay down - or wallow in guilt and regret. God's will for you is Koomi - Rise! He doesn't want you to fall. He's not sitting on the sidelines with a scorecard dispassionately judging how you walk - as if He didn't care. He cares with all His heart. He's rooting for you. His word to you is Koomi - Rise! Rise up from your despair, your stumbling, your failures. Rise up from the past, your sorrow, your bondage. Rise up from your years of slumber. Rise up from your falling. He wills life for you. He commands joy. Just say Yes and Rise. For God says to you Koomi Lahkh Koomi Raheetee Rise up my beloved, my beautiful one and come - Rise Rise Rise!
    From Message #363 - Arise My Love
    Today's Mission
    Meditate on the fact that God is actually encouraging you - take a word of encouragement from the Bible and live by it today.
    Scripture: Song of Solomon 2
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn