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  • The Stubborn Moabite
    Tuesday, February 23, 2021
    In the Book of Ruth, Naomi tries to convince her Gentile daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth, to leave her and not follow as she returns to her homeland in Israel. Orpah agrees to leave, but Ruth refuses. Finally Naomi let Ruth come because she saw that Ruth was amats. Amats is the Hebrew word for steadfast, stubborn, and hardened. It's not good to be stubborn in sin and hardened to God. Yet it's very good to be stubborn in love and hardened for righteousness. We must not only follow God, we must be amats in following. We need to be stubborn in faith, steadfast in love, hardened in our commitment. If you're not stubborn about what is good, then the enemy will discourage you from entering the blessings God has for you. Ruth refused to be discouraged. Ruth was stubborn. When Naomi saw she was amats, she let her come. When the enemy sees that you are amats, he will give up. Be steadfast in faith, unwavering in hope, and stubborn in love. Don't just be a believer, be an amats believer, and nothing on earth will keep you from all the blessings God has in store.
    From Message #426 - Wherever You Dwell
    Today's Mission
    In what areas do you tend to get discouraged or give up? Make it your aim today to keep going in holy, stubborn, amats!
    Scripture: Psalm 57:7
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn