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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Daily Prayers

  • Lighthouse Ministries Daily Prayer
    Dear Lord God,
    Thank You for creating this fruitful and beautiful earth.
    I thank You for Your good creation, the many ecosystems and forests around the world, please let them thrive and grow.
    I ask that You instill a great sense of respect and knowledge for how to treat Your earth and its resources in all generations.
    Please raise up a love and respect for You and Your creation.
    I desire to be a good steward of the resources which You have entrusted to me...
    Your faithfulness continues
    through all generations;
    you established the earth,
    and it endures.
    Psalm 119:90
    You are a great and creative God.
    Thank You for creating an earth that endures.
    In Jesus' eternal name I pray,