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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Good Book From Bad Men?
    Tuesday, April 6, 2021
    Skeptics claim that the Bible is not from God, but from men. So the question then is, what kind of men? Bad men wouldn't want to write the words of the Bible. For the words of the Bible condemn sin and judgment on those who live in evil. Bad men could not come up with Psalm 23, John 3:16 or the Beatitudes. Even if they could, they would certainly take credit for it. To come up with it and not take credit is evidence of great virtue and extreme humility. The words of the Bible turn bad men into good men. The problem is, good people wouldn't do very bad things. And so, to say that the Bible was the Word of God, when it was really their own words and stories they just made up, would be a very bad thing--a hoax and fraud. The fact is, whichever way you go... you're led back to one thing. The Bible is the Word of God. So read it, study it, receive it, treasure it... and live it. It's the Word of God and it will transform your life for blessing, whether you be good... or bad.
    From Message #834 - The Jerusalem Evidence
    Today's Mission
    Give thanks and rejoice for the Word of God. Take a word today, ponder it, take it specifically to your life, and go with it.
    Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16 | Psalm 23 | John 3:16
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn