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  • The Fall of Marshall Petain
    Wednesday, April 7, 2021
    At the beginning of World War II, the French defensive lines collapsed. Marshall Petain became prime minister and surrendered France to the Nazis. The Vichy government, under Marshall Petain, was convinced that Germany had won the war, and so saw its mission as that of adapting France toward submission to Hitler. The Nazis began increasingly draining France of her natural resources and her people. French collaborators, in submission to Hitler, began rounding up Jews to be sent to the concentration camps. By November of 1942, the Vichy government was nothing but a shadowy puppet regime of the Nazis. But, in the end, the collaborators were put to shame. The judgment of their nation and of history fell against them. Petain, a great war hero of World War 1, was put in prison where he died. The lesson? There's no compromise or collaborating with the enemy. No matter what it looks like or how hopeless it seems, don't give in, and don't collaborate. Join the Resistance of God. Resist the sin, the temptation, resist the devil... and he will flee. Fight the good fight, my friend, and you'll win in the end. Vive le Resistance!
    From Message #665 - The Resistance
    Today's Mission
    Is there any area of life - a sin, an indulgence, and attitude, where you're cooperating with the enemy? Cut the ties. End your collaboration and join the Resistance!
    Scripture: James 4:7
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn