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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Death of God Miracle
    Wednesday, June 9, 2021
    In the Book of Acts, Simon Peter, speaking to the Sanhedrin says this: 'you ... put to death the Prince of Life.' How is it possible to put to death the Prince of Life? You can't kill the Prince of Life... unless He lets you. But the Prince of Life can give His life in love. And that's how lives are redeemed. How do you find life? By giving up your own, by dying to self. How can the self, die to self? Not by itself, but by the miracle of His death. And how did He die? By giving His life. How can you die to self? You can't do it alone. But you can do it by a miracle... of the death of the Prince of Life, of the giving of His life and by receiving the giving of His life, in love. So forget about trying to die to yourself. It's already been done. Receive the gift of His death, of the giving of His life, and the miracle of dying to self will be yours. For it is the miracle of the death... of the Prince of Life.
    From Message #415 - The Prince of Life
    Today's Mission
    If your old self is trying to resurrect itself again, don't believe the lie. Your sins have been done away with by the miracle of His death once and for all. He did not die in vain and you don't have to live in sin.
    Scripture: Romans 6:5-7
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn