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  • Thou Shalt be Loved
    Wednesday, July 14, 2021
    Many commandments out there are not from the Bible. For instance, some of you went to Mt. Sinai and received a tablet that read, "Thou shalt be loved by everyone. Everyone shalt thou please and verily cause them to likest thee." It sounds as if it could've been in with the other ten. So you've been obeying this command. You try to get people to like you, saying what you think they want to hear. You want to impress people so they will love you, praise you, accept you, adore you, receive you. Moses never carried down those words from Sinai. It's not a command; not even a suggestion. I've got good news for you. Not everybody has to love you, like you or even accept you. So you're free! Stop trying to impress people. Here's a new command, "Thou shalt not spend the rest of thy life seeking the love or approval of people. It's enough that God loves thee and accepted thee as His beloved. Therefore, seek no more love from people, but rather love them as He has loved thee. For thou art loved, and don't thou forgettest it." Amen.
    From Message #615 - All The Commandments not in The Bible
    Today's Mission
    Today, focus on God's thoughts and His acceptance and not the thoughts of man.
    Scripture: Jeremiah 31:3
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn