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  • The Priest's Crown & Your Life
    Monday, October 11, 2021
    In Hebrew the way you communicate ownership is by using the word "to". The high priest of Israel wore a crown on which were the words Kadosh L'Adonai - Holy to the Lord. That means that the high priest was not only holy, but he belonged to the Lord. He was the Lord's possession. He didn't belong to himself. The Bible says that you are a royal priest. Thus, everything in your life belongs to God - your possessions, your resources, your time, your abilities, your money. Everything - to the Lord. That also means you don't own any more worries or burdens or problems. Start living as a royal priest that God called you to be. Put on the crown, give everything to the Lord. One thing you would have is God Himself and all His blessings. It all begins when you put on the sacred crown that reads, Kadosh L'Adonai.
    From Message #463 - The Divine Non-Possessive
    Today's Mission
    As a royal priest, give to the King of kings and Lord of lords your highest praise today.
    Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn