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  • Thus The Lord has Already Said
    Thursday, October 14, 2021
    Throughout the Bible as in Ezekiel 37, it says "Thus saith the Lord" which we understand as the Lord is saying. But when you read "thus saith the Lord", most of the time it doesn't quite mean "thus saith the Lord" - as in the present tense. The Hebrew word for "saith" is most often, 'Amar.' 'Amar' is not the present tense - but the past or perfect tense. That makes a big difference. It means it's already done, finished. It means that it's already perfectly established. The Word of God is perfect, finished, done. Thus, when God says something, it's as good as done. So when you take the Word and promises of God, there's no question, no if, no maybe. Amar means it's settled, done, sealed, finished, accomplished - it's a done deal. Stand on the Word, believe in it, be confident in the Word because the Word, promise, assurance of God is as good as done. Thus says the Lord, the Lord has spoken.
    From Message #473 - Divine Hebrew Time Travel
    Today's Mission
    Today, look for a promise of God in the Word of God. Consider it as good as done.
    Scripture: Isaiah 55:11 | Ezekiel 37
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn