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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Negev Secret
    Friday, October 15, 2021
    The promised land is the shadow of heaven. When we speak about going home, crossing the Jordan, coming to the promised land, we're speaking about going to heaven. The wilderness is a symbol of the place that we go through to get there, which is this life right now. The Hebrews journeyed through the wilderness, crossed over and went into the promised land. That's the way we picture it. But there was one wilderness, the Negev; which was part of and inside the Promised Land itself. So if the Promised Land is a shadow of heaven and the wilderness is a shadow of this life, and they're together, it means that heaven and this life are much closer together than you might think. If you're a believer, heaven begins now. Even in the wilderness, the dry times, in the hard times, and in sorrows you can find heaven. Whatever you're going through in this journey, God is going through it with you. If you're born again, God is with you and that makes it heaven. Learn to see the good in all things. Live in the heavenlies now because the promised land is also in the wilderness, and heaven is also in your life right now.
    From Message #474 - The Midbar
    Today's Mission
    Seek to live today as if Heaven were already in your circumstances, and as if you were already in Heaven - And in the Spirit, you will be.
    Scripture: Matthew 1:23
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn