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  • The Bridegroom's Better House
    Wednesday, October 20, 2021
    In ancient Israel, a Jewish man had to prepare a house for his intended bride. When the house was ready, the groom would come to the bride's home and take her away into the new house he had built for her. But there was a law in Israel, the law of the bridegrooms. According to that law, a bridegroom could never take his bride out of a house that was better than the house he was taking her to. Well, Messiah is a Hebrew Bridegroom, and we, the Church are a Hebrew bride. He's come to take us out of our old house and to a new one that He's prepared. God can only lead you to something better. God will only take you to a better joy, a better love, a better peace, a better life. Don't be afraid to really follow the Lord and to go all out for Him. Don't think it's ever a step down. It's only up. Everything He calls you to do will lead you to a better and higher place. Trust Him. Follow Him. That's His job. And that's the law.
    From Message #373 - The Mohar
    Today's Mission
    Take a step out of your comfort zone and go higher in the Lord today.
    Scripture: John 14:2-3
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn