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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Stepping Outside of you
    Tuesday, October 26, 2021
    Did you ever look at a photograph of yourself? There's something about it; you can't fool yourself. But when you see a photograph, and you don't realize it's you at first, and that person looks overweight - you may be seeing yourself objectively for the first time. The reason is you didn't realize it was you first because you were beside yourself. Paul spoke of being beside himself. It can be good to be beside yourself. Put yourself beside yourself. Step out of your life and imagine if it wasn't yours. See how it matches up to the way it should be. Put yourself in your wife's place, and see how it is to have you as a husband. Put yourself in your parents' place to see how it is to have you as a child, or your children's place to see how it is to have you as a parent. Put yourself in the Lord's place to see what kind of service you're giving Him, and then do unto others as you would have to yourself. It all starts when you get beside yourself.
    From Message #498 - The Angel in The Wilderness
    Today's Mission
    Today seek to see yourself from outside yourself - take a good hard, objective look at your life, your attitude - and make whatever changes you need to make.
    Scripture: Matthew 22:39
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn