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  • The Priests of Kora
    Wednesday, October 27, 2021
    Among the Bantu languages in Africa, the creator is called Kora. One tribe speaks of Kora as having a son. When the missionaries first reached these people, the tribesman told them Kora sent word to our forefathers that he already sent his son into the world to accomplish something wonderful for all mankind. Later, our forefathers turned away from the truth about Kora's son. Since that time, generations have longed to discover the truth. But all we would learn was that messengers would eventually come to restore the forgotten knowledge to us. So we resolved that whenever Kora's messengers arrived, we welcomed them and believed their message. This amazing thing; the gospel came to the village of the priests of Kora in 1950. They all received the Lord. They were so far from God, yet God prepared them. Just like Paul spoke on Mars Hill of the unknown God. In Ecclesiastes it says, "He has placed eternity in their hearts." So don't ever give up on that person who seems so separated from God. There's always a way, for his or her heart was created to know God. Just remember, "The priests of Kora."
    From Message #504 - Eternity in Their Hearts
    Today's Mission
    Who seems hopelessly outside of God, or outside of His will today? Pray for them in faith, and, if you can, reach out.
    Scripture: Philippians 1:6
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn