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  • The Gym Teacher & The Lunch Lady
    Friday, November 5, 2021
    In Proverbs 11:12 it says, "He who despises his neighbor lacks sense but he who has wisdom keeps silent." I remember in junior high there was a gym teacher who must have said something to the lunch lady about her hairnet that caused the lunch lady to say something back to the gym teacher about his pot belly. The next moment these two were almost in a fist fight. They were screaming at each other. We were shocked. Finally the janitor broke up the argument and took the gym teacher away over something stupid, the littlest thing. It says, "He who has wisdom keeps silent." The littlest things have destroyed marriages and families. For less, for nothing, giving voice to it, there is a real important principle in the Lord; learn not to act on the bad. Hold off; don't react, don't speak, but wait. When there's anger or anything bad, hold off. Wait until you can act on the good. As soon as you have good in your heart act upon it, speak it, do it, love. Be like Messiah not like the gym teacher and the lunch lady.
    From Message #552 - Good to Your own Soul
    Today's Mission
    Good To Your Own Soul Use wisdom today, do not act on any bad emotion or thought - but be quick to act on the good.
    Scripture: Proverbs 15:1 | Proverbs 11:12
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn