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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Valley of Barakhah
    Friday, May 20, 2022
    Some believers are always in a valley. You ask them, "how are you doing?" They are depressed, defeated, or sad. Maybe you are in one right now, but there is a scripture in 2 Chronicles 20. It says on the fourth day they assembled in the Valley of Barakhah, where they praised the Lord. Barakhah in Hebrew means "blessing" or "praise." The valley was not first called Barakhah, but when they blessed it, it became the Valley of Barakhah, the Valley of Blessing. They praised God there, so it became the Valley of Praise. Valleys are not to be feared. You can be on a mountain of curses or a valley of blessings. You have the power to turn your valley into a Barakhah Valley by praising the Lord. You have the power to transform your valley into blessing. Start praising God in it, start blessing God, start thanking Him. Start giving Him praise where you are, whatever it is. It does not matter if you are on the mountain, or in the valley. If you praise God, the valley you will be in will be the Valley of Barakhah, the Valley of Blessing.
    From Message #818 - The Jehoshaphat Guide to Victory II
    Today's Mission
    Today, claim victory through the Lord your God. Declare His blessings on you. It does not matter your situation. Praise Him anyway.
    Scripture: Jeremiah 31:13
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn