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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Coffee Time with Jesus

  • The Holy Spirit: Rivers of Living Water
    If anyone thirsts,
    let him come to Me and drink.
    He who believes in Me,
    as the Scripture has said,
    out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.
    John 7:37-38
    The Holy Spirit is Rivers of Living Water; He quenches your thirst. When you’re dehydrated and close to death, He is Water to restore your life. When you’re tempted to drink at a polluted fountain of the world, He is the only Water that will give you health. When you’ve spent all your energy working too hard, He is Water that will revive your spirit. When you’ve ignored the Lord and become dirty from sin, He is the Fountain of living water to wash away your filth. Come to Him, get clean, and drink!
    Holy Spirit, thank You for the constant invitation to drink. I need Water. I want Water. I like Water. Here I come!
    The Holy Spirit is Rivers of Living Water. Because He is God, He is the eternal Source of the spiritual refreshment and renewal that flow from the heart of God. When you have the Holy Spirit in your heart, you have it all. The Source of living water will flow from you out to others. But He is more than one River of water; He is multiple Rivers of water. How many? As many as you need, and more—enough for every person ever born again into the family of God. He is enough Water to satisfy all people, and He is living Water to satisfy all needs. Come and drink.
    Holy Spirit, I bow to worship You. I come to You to drink. Ah, this Water is good! Amen.
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    The Holy Spirit will satisfy your longings.