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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Coffee Time with Jesus

  • Jesus: A Righteous Man
    So, when the centurion saw what had happened,
    he glorified God, saying,
    "Certainly, this was a righteous Man!"
    Luke 23:47
    Jesus was a Righteous Man, which means Jesus did right things in the right way. A righteous man is right in his desires and thoughts, in the things he does and in the way he does things. The centurion present at Jesus’ crucifixion knew that the trial and execution of Jesus was not fair. He saw the Jewish leaders first accuse Jesus of blasphemy and then, when Pilate wouldn’t recognize that as a legal indictment, they charged Jesus with treason. The centurion heard Pilate say, “I find no fault in Jesus” (Luke 23:4); yet they crucified Him anyway. Jesus forgave His executioners and then told the repentant thief, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise” (Luke 23:43). When the centurion saw the integrity of Jesus in the face of lies and dishonesty, he confessed, “This was a righteous Man” (Luke 23:47).
    Lord Jesus, I don’t measure up to Your righteous standard. I don’t always do the right things; forgive me.
    When the Jewish leaders and the Roman establishment schemed against Jesus, Heaven came to His defense. The bright noonday sun turned to darkness. When God couldn’t look on the unfolding tragedy, the heavens became dark. As Jesus died, an earthquake rumbled over Jerusalem and the surrounding hills. God’s Earth was protesting the despicable things done to God’s Son. When the centurion had seen it all, he cried, “This was a righteous Man!” (Luke 23:47). Jesus was a Righteous Man because He was God incarnate in human flesh.
    Lord Jesus, You always did the right things; I recognize You as a Righteous Man. I worship at Your feet. Amen.
    Go Deeper: Luke 23:46-49
    People recognized Jesus as a Righteous Man because He did all things right.