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  • The Spirit Graduates
    Thursday, June 9, 2022
    On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came. Why then? One reason is because the disciples were at a crossroads. Their discipleship was over, they finished the course, their teacher was gone, and it was time to go forth and disciple. They had been taught; now they were to become teachers. They watched Messiah perform miracles; now they were to perform miracles by His power. They listened as Messiah spoke and operated as the representative of God; now they were to speak and represent God by His power. They watched Messiah minister; now they were to become ministers. But how were they to do all this? Through His Spirit. The Spirit came so they could graduate from observing to doing. Do you want to walk in the power of the Spirit in your life? Stop expecting others to minister to you, and start ministering. Stop waiting on others to bless you and become a blessing. Take the reins of your calling and set your heart on attaining maturity in Messiah. Be ready to graduate and do the work of Messiah. Then He will send His Spirit, anoint you, and give you His power.
    From Message #905 - When He is Come I
    Today's Mission
    Start your day by being in the presence of the Lord and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Minister to others, find the need where He leads you and be the blessing.
    Scripture: Ephesians 4:13
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn