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  • The Dark Witness
    Monday, July 11, 2022
    For 2,000 years the great stain of anti-Semitism has caused Jewish people to be hated, persecuted, plundered, vilified, denigrated, wounded, killed, and massacred. The greatest evil the world has ever known, namely Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, was devoted to the destruction of the Jewish people. And yet, they have not perished; they have survived. If you take a closer look, you'll recognize that something supernatural is happening, something unique about the Jewish people, something so special that all the forces of hell are arrayed against them. If the darkness is so great against the Jewish people, then they must be in some way greatly linked to the light. Darkness doesn't disprove the light, it proves it. And so it is with you. Every adversity, every attack, every setback that has happened in your life should not discourage you, if you are following God. It's a witness that God's light is in you. He calls you "light of the world, salt of the earth, overcomer and more than a conqueror!" And it is so!
    From Message #967 - THE BEAST OF A THOUSAND FACES
    Today's Mission
    The Beast of a Thousand Faces. You are called to be a witness to all people and to be the salt and light of Messiah. Let God's light shine from within you today!
    Scripture: Romans 12:21
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn