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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Face in the Jewelry
    Thursday, July 14, 2022
    I knew a saint of God, Sabina Wurmbrand, the wife of Richard Wurmbrand. They were Jewish believers and leaders of the underground church in Romania. In their last days, Sabina was in a hospital in Mexico. She shared a story with us who were at her bedside. Before in Romania, before she knew the Lord, Sabina brought her jewelry to a jeweler for repair. When the jeweler, placed it in the fire, she panicked. He reassured her, "Trust me. I am a master at it." He explained that the jewelry had to go in the fire until he sees his face in it. While in pain, she said to the Lord, "I can't take much more." Then the words of the jeweler resonated in her mind, "You must go through the fire, and you will be finished when I can see my face reflected in your image." After that, she was in peace and went home to be with the Lord. When you go through your trial, there is purpose. So that God can see in your life the reflection of His glory; because you are His jewel, and He is your Master Jeweler.
    From the Message #970 - THE WAY OF THE GREAT
    Today's Mission
    Give yourself completely to the Master, let Him work in you through life's trials to refine you- make it your aim to purely reflect His face to others.
    Scripture: 1 Peter 1:7
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn