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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Dimensions of the Wind
    Friday, July 15, 2022
    When I was in junior high, I took mechanical drawing. You had to draw the same object from three different views to obtain three different dimensions - height, width and depth. When you read the Book of Exodus, the instructions for the tabernacle are filled with dimensions- the cubits height, width and length. The Old Covenant had many dimensions because it was based up tablets. When the New Covenant came and the Spirit came on Pentecost, that very same day, there were no longer any dimensions. When you live in the flesh, you are limited by your own understanding, your abilities or your strength. The Spirit has no dimensions, no measurements, and no limits. There is no limit to His mercy or His love, or His wisdom, or His power. When you live by the Spirit, you can do all things through Messiah (Christ). Enter the dimension of the Spirit and your life will become unlimited. because the Spirit, like the wind, has no measurements.
    From the Message #971 - Blowing in the Wind
    Today's Mission
    Enter into the unlimited power of the Spirit today. Let the Spirit move you past the barriers of the flesh and the limitations- to living in His limitlessness.
    Scripture: John 3:6-8
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn