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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Lamb For Each
    Thursday, August 4, 2022
    On "Palm Sunday" crowds received Messiah into Jerusalem. Today, crowds of believers, crowd into churches to celebrate the receiving of Messiah. Palm Sunday is really an ancient Hebrew holy day. It's the tenth of Nisan; the day that was given to receive the lamb. It's an amazing thing that the Lamb of God entered Jerusalem on that day to be received. The original commandment for the tenth of Nisan doesn't say that it was for crowds of people to receive the lamb. It says they were EACH to receive the lamb. That's the key. Messiah didn't die for crowds - He died for you - personally. That's the only way to receive Him. Have you become just part of the crowd? Messiah did not simply die for all - He died for each - for you. He loves, not simply all - He loves each - He loves you. That's the way you'll find your blessing and know Him and His love. Receive Him today anew, personally, as the One who gave His life and His love for you, personally.
    From Message #1588 - Bringing in Mashiach
    Today's Mission
    Rejoice! For the Lamb of God has come for you. Open your heart today and receive His blessings and His everlasting love.
    Scripture: Exodus 12:1-6
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn