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  • Messiah's Coming & The end of Jerusalem
    Friday, August 5, 2022
    "Palm Sunday" was more than just a nice holiday. Centuries before Messiah entered the city gates, the prophet Daniel was given a revelation. An exact mathematical countdown to the coming of Messiah in Daniel 9:25, "Know and understand.... the issuing of the decree, to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Mashiach, Messiah, there will be seven sevens and sixty-two sevens." Palm Sunday is Daniel 9 fulfilled - Messiah coming to Jerusalem to be "cut off"; to be killed. There were two sides to Palm Sunday: the receiving and the rejection of Messiah. After Messiah's coming, being cut off, and Jerusalem's rejection, the city, temple, and sanctuary were destroyed by the armies of Rome. A destruction which still affects us today. There are two sides of Messiah's coming: two possibilities and two consequences. The city and the person who receives Him is blessed; but the city and the person who rejects Him is left desolate. It is also true that we reject His presence in our lives as believers. But if you let Him in, your life shall become blessed, and full of glory.
    From Message #1484 - Ha Bah: He Who Comes
    Today's Mission
    Let God come into every part of your life and walk - and have His way.
    Scripture: Ezekiel 36:27 | Daniel 9:25
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn