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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Coffee Time with Jesus

  • Jesus: The Lord God Almighty
    Even so, Lord God Almighty,
    true and righteous are Your judgments.
    Revelation 16:7
    When Jesus comes in judgment, He will come as the Lord God Almighty. Jesus will come as the Lord, the One who controls all things. Today, the Lord allows evil rulers to make war, innocent victims to be killed, disease to run rampant in many places and crime to seem unstoppable. While it seems that Jesus is not in outward control, He is working inwardly to control the inner life of His followers. Will you let Him control your life?
    Jesus is the God who created all things; that means He has “eternal power” (Romans 1:20) to do all that God wills to do. But it seems that God is holding back His power—because Christians suffer, the Church is persecuted and evil thrives. But that is not true. God’s power is not measured by what evil does or doesn’t do. God allows evil in the world to test the obedience of His servants in order to determine if they will love Him more. Are you loving Him more?
    Jesus is also the Almighty, the One who exercises divine will, the One who works His plan in your life. Is He working His purpose in your life?
    In today’s world, the Lord God Almighty is exercising divine patience until evil runs its course. At His second coming, Jesus will manifest Himself as the Lord God Almighty. He will directly control all things, and He will accomplish His almighty will.
    Lord Jesus, come! I wait for Your return to Earth to rule everything. I wait for Your power to accomplish Your will. But until You return, come rule my life with Your power. Amen.
    Go Deeper: Revelation 16
    Jesus has the power to control everything, and He will when He returns.