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  • Aiding Your Enemy
    Thursday, August 18, 2022
    If you've ever heard the story of Chanukah, you probably know that it was about a foreign power overtaking Israel and desecrating the temple. But that's not the whole story. The real story is that long before the nation was overtaken and the temple defiled, some Israelites began imitating the ways of gentiles, brought in foreigners and collaborated with the enemy. The enemy would never have gotten into the temple if certain Israelites had not opened the doors and guided them in. The desecration of the temple happened because the High Priest guided the enemy into the Holy Place. This is profound! Your real enemy, the enemy of your soul, cannot gain victory over you unless you let him in. Every time you give into temptation and sin you are collaborating with the enemy of your soul. Why should you aid your own enemy? In God, you cannot help but win as long as you trust and obey Him. The enemy can't stop you from doing God's will unless you let him stop you. Stop aiding your enemy! Resist him and get back on the winning side. Do God's will... and win!
    From Message #1007 - The Collaborators
    Today's Mission
    Resist the temptations of this world, refuse to allow sin to enter in your heart and deny the enemy any foothold inside your soul.
    Scripture: James 4:7
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn