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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Coffee Time with Jesus

  • Coffee Time with Jesus (Yeshua)
    Jesus: The Bridegroom
    He who has the bride is the bridegroom;
    but the friend of the bridegroom,
    who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly
    because of the bridegroom's voice.
    John 3:29
    Jesus is the Bridegroom. When you received Jesus Christ as Savior, you became His Bride. Just as a wife looks to a husband for protection, so you should trust Jesus, because He will guard you from the Evil One. He is the Bridegroom to keep you from sin. Just as a husband provides for the needs of his wife, so Jesus will provide for your needs. Look to Him when you lack anything. He will supply. If you have any needs, why don’t you ask Him now?
    Lord, I accept Your protection; keep me safe. I rest securely in Your presence; keep my mind focused on all You do for me. I need to love You more, and I need to feel Your love. You are my Bridegroom, so I know that You will provide for me.
    Jesus is the Bridegroom, and He’ll always be there for you. You don’t have to worry that God has forgotten you or that He doesn’t love you. Jesus loves you and cherishes you with the kind of love that husbands are commanded to love their wives. You belong to Him, and He belongs to you. Nothing can take you away from the oneness you have with Jesus. Why don’t you tell Him about your love now?
    Lord, I love You for all You’ve done for me. But most of all, I love You for Yourself. You are the perfection of beauty and grace. You are my Bridegroom and I am Your Bride. Amen.
    Go Deeper: Song of Solomon 2:4-17 & 3:1-5
    Jesus will take care of you because He loves you.