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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Daily Prayer

  • Lighthouse Ministries Daily Prayer
    Dear Lord God,
    I know You are able...
    to move mountains,
    to heal the sick,
    to save the lost,
    to restore relationships,
    to speak life into existence,
    to meet every need I have today.
    I fully commit myself to You.
    I pray for the people who are experiencing storms, earthquakes, fires, turmoil, wars, illness, lack of basic needs, insecurity, fear, and addictions that enslave.
    Lord, You alone know best how to meet their needs and set them free.
    I pray that You would divinely intervene, that each person would be drawn to You and that You would give them rest and healing, safety and security, a sound mind and a hope-filled future.
    I pray that You would help me to see those whom You want me to reach out to today.
    Thank You, Lord, for loving me and for abundantly meeting my needs.
    In the generous name of Jesus I pray,