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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Making him Pleased
    Tuesday, October 25, 2022
    In Colossians 1:10 it speaks about making our aim to please God. It's hard to imagine. Can you imagine God being pleased by something you do? It is hard for us to think we can actually do something that pleases Him. We think we are never good enough and certainly we aren't on our own. Some of us may have tried to please people and they are not pleased. Or maybe you had a father or mother who could never be pleased. He is not a father who could never be pleased. It is His will to be pleased by you. It is His will that you please Him, that you walk in such a way that He is pleased, like a father who delights in his children. You can please Him. God wants you to be blessed by pleasing Him. Make it your aim to make Him smile. Enjoy pleasing Him in everything you do and in all different ways, because it is His will to be pleased by you. Make it your will in everything you do to please your Heavenly Father.
    From Message #1080 - The Presence & the Power
    Today's Mission
    Today have one goal - to make God smile!
    Scripture: Colossians 1:10
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn