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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Life on The Screen
    Thursday, November 3, 2022
    The problem with most of the media is when you spend your time in front of the TV set or in front of entertainment, your life becomes ruled by them. The more you spend time watching, the more you will determine that nothing is happening in your life. You see, the action is on the screen and not in your life. The story is out of your life and onto the screen; what you are doing is sidelining your life. Messiah did not come so you could watch the shadowing of your life from the sidelines. He said that He came so that you can have life. The light and noise of the TV and other media is nothing to be compared to the glory of real life in Messiah. Take the time you would spend today being entertained and use it instead to be in the presence of the glory of God. Get on the field, start walking and breathing in the Messiah because life, like salvation is not a spectator sport. Jesus said that he came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.
    From Message #1088 - Don The Mantle
    Today's Mission
    Take the time you would spend today in lesser activities and replace it with time in the Lord's presence.
    Scripture: John 10:10
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn