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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Synagogue Church
    Thursday, February 16, 2023
    The church and the synagogue are two separate and opposed things. There is a barrier between the church, the synagogue, the Gospel and Jewish people. The first of what we call "church" was in Jerusalem. The leader was James. He wrote one of the earliest epistles. James 2:2 says, "If a man comes into your meeting, into your assembly, ..." The word here for into your assembly or church is synagogue. That's where we get the word synagogue from. The first churches were in synagogues. The first church in Jerusalem was in a synagogue and that is the mother of all churches, the synagogue. We have to remember the Gospel is to the Jew first; we have to pray for the Jewish people; love the Jewish people. Salvation came to you from the Jewish people; you are part of something Jewish. If you are born again, you're a child of Abraham. You are of the commonwealth, a citizen of Israel. So be blessed...the first church was in a synagogue.
    From Message #1196 - The Doctrine of Caesar
    Today's Mission
    Today, ponder the fact that you are actually a citizen of Israel, spiritually Jewish. The word Jew means praise. Praise Him continually.
    Scripture: Romans 1:16
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn