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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Sacred Ceasing
    Wednesday, March 29, 2023
    When we think of the Sabbath, a day of peace comes to mind. In Hebrew, Sabbath comes from the word Shabbat. It is a verb; a doing word. It means to cease. As with other verbs, it is something you choose to do. You choose to pray, to eat, and to read. The same goes for choosing to cease. Messiah is the Lord of the Shabbat and gives you the power in Him to choose to cease from the old life; old sin. In ceasing from the old, we have peace. That's when we find Shabbat. You can have peace at all times when you choose to cease striving, cease from your ego, cease from your flesh, from your worries, from your fears - and rest in God. When you die to self, there's peace. That's when the Sabbath comes. For the peace of the Sabbath, like the joy of the Lord, and the blessings of God aren't dependent on any of your circumstances, but on the Lord of the Sabbath and on the choice of your heart.
    From Message #1239 - Adon Ha Shabbat
    Today's Mission
    Today, no matter what's happening around you, choose to relax and cease from striving. Surrender all to Messiah and allow Him to show Himself to be God. Rest in His peace and love for you.
    Scripture: Philippians 4:7
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn