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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Perfection of Shalom
    Thursday, March 30, 2023
    Messiah said, "Be ye perfect." The word for Perfect in Hebrew is Shalom. It not only means perfect, but complete. To become perfect you have to become complete. When you're complete, you're not looking out for yourself anymore. Completeness is a matter of drawing near to God. The more He is with you and you with Him, the more you will become complete. When you get past yourself, you can be overflowing, and even more, you can overflow. The more complete you are, the more you don't live in need. You are free to give, to be generous and not selfish. Messiah was completely perfect and offered up His whole life. Follow the example He gave us. He wasn't looking out for Himself. He offered Himself up. In the same way, the less you live in need, the less selfish you are. The more you live to give and to love, the more perfect you are. Give and live a life of loving and giving, and you'll become in Messiah, perfect, and complete.
    From Message #1240 - Master of Perfections
    Today's Mission
    Let the Lord make you more complete today. Ask Him to show you an area in your heart that needs to be more generous. Invite Him to fill that place to overflowing with His shalom.
    Scripture: Luke 6:38
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn