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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Coffee Time with Jesus

  • The Trinity: Almighty God (El Shaddai)
    The LORD appeared to Abram and said to him,
    "I am Almighty God [El Shaddai];
    walk before Me and be blameless."
    Genesis 17:1
    The Lord is Almighty God (El Shaddai), a name that carries two opposite ideas—sympathy and power. The name “El Shaddai” means “the powerful One,” but it also means “the tender One.” The name “Almighty” comes from the Hebrew word shad, meaning “the breast,” which is tender to nourish children. El Shaddai is tender to those who are hurting and needy. He tenderly listens to your problems, and He will comfort you. But remember, the chest is also the symbol of power and might. El Shaddai also has awesome power to solve problems. El Shaddai comes to you as He came to Abraham, asking you to trust and obey Him. El Shaddai is both tender to forgive your sin and powerful to deliver you from problems and oppression from sin.
    El Shaddai, You are Almighty God. I confess and repent of my sins. Be powerful to forgive them through the blood of Christ (1 John 1:7), but also be tender to hold me close to Your amazing grace.
    The name “Almighty” means “all sufficiency.” El Shaddai will be everything you need; trust Him and obey Him. Your needs or emergencies will not surprise Him. He has faced them before in others. He will comfort you in your pain when you cry to Him. But El Shaddai is also powerful; He can deliver you and give you victory. What do you need from Him today?
    El Shaddai, I will be close to You. Be my intimate Companion to encourage me, and be my powerful God to provide for me. Amen.
    Go Deeper: Genesis 17:1-8
    Almighty God can comfort or deliver you.