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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Demons of The Modern World
    Monday, April 10, 2023
    In the New Testament the Greek word, daimonia, refers to the gods of the world. It's not surprising that this Greek word for gods in the New Testament is actually the same word translated as "demons." There's a very important revelation here and one to be taken very seriously. The gods of the world are embodiments and representatives of demonic beings. That doesn't just go for ancient religions; the modern world has its gods, too. They come in the form of materialism, alcoholism, sensuality, lust, pornography, love of money, greed. These are all demonic. When you indulge in these things, you are actually worshipping and serving demons. That's a horrible thing! You should have nothing to do with it. Any idol is a god, and any god except for the God of the Bible is a demon. The very thought that you are serving the demonic should be enough to make you get any unclean, unholy thing out of your life once and for all! There is only One True and Living God. Everything else is just demonic.
    From Message #1254 - Showdown on Mars Hill
    Today's Mission
    Set your mind and heart today to worship the Lord and nothing else. Ask Him to show you anything that holds too much importance in your life and to remove that dark thing from your life.
    Scripture: Luke 4: 7-8
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn