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  • God Almost Killed Moses
    Monday, April 17, 2023
    Moses, in the wilderness, comes to the burning bush. The voice of God tells him, "Take off your shoes, Moses." God is talking to him and he is receiving a revelation and His high calling. The God of his fathers is choosing him to know God and be the instrument of God, to redeem the entire nation of Israel. The deliverer, liberator, Moses the law-giver. But something strange happens. As he is heading out to Egypt, God is waiting on the way and is about to kill him. His wife quickly grabs a rock and circumcises his children. Why was God about to kill Moses? He was to be the law-giver, but now he was a breaker of the law, by not circumcising his children. Greater entrustment means a greater responsibility. You have great entrustment, but you have to live with a great responsibility, greater sacrifice, greater accountability, greater purity, greater holiness. Do you want to do greater things in God? Live a greater life with greater obedience before God. For to whom much is given, much is required.
    From Message #1302 - The Entrustment
    Today's Mission
    God has entrusted you with a high calling and with the responsibility to obey His Word. Is there anything in your life that is not in God's will, out of His perfect calling? Get it out. Then fulfill your calling.
    Scripture: John 14:15
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn