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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Stop Dwelling on The Saints
    Tuesday, April 18, 2023
    There are denominations that focus on saints: praying to saints, looking to saints, dwelling on the saints. We tend to take pride in the fact that we don't get caught up in the saints. Are you looking at your brothers and sisters in the Lord? The Bible says they're saints. Sometimes believers lose sight of God because of the saints. Do you have your eyes on the saints, what they've done or haven't done? Expecting from them what you should be expecting from God? It's no better than the people who bow down to statues. It's time to get your eyes off of the saints, time to release and forgive. It is time to stop obsessing about other saints, trying to get your needs met from anyone other than God. Start looking to God and receive from Him. He will provide what you need. Let the saints be saints, and let God be God. You too, are a saint. Make your focus the Lord of the saints. Trust in Him with all your heart. He will never let you down.
    From Message #1303 - Gods on Vatican Hill
    Scripture: Heb. 10: 22-25
    TODAY'S MISSION - Ask the Lord to show you if there is a brother or sister you need to forgive or release. Then confess it to Him, let it go and pray for them to be blessed.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn