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  • Grabbing Messiah's Kanaf
    Wednesday, July 12, 2023
    Ruth said to Boaz, "Spread your garment over me." Garment in Hebrew is "kanaf," which can be translated as "wings". Boaz does it and she's no longer an outcast, she's going to be married. From Ruth to the woman who touched Messiah's garment, we see hutzpah. That's Hebrew for guts, nerve. Ruth had hutzpah. She knew there was a blessing waiting. She knew the law of Israel's goel, the kinsman redeemer, and she went boldly forward. The woman who touched the fringe of Messiah's garment, to get healing, knew the power of God. She also had hutzpah. So should we. It's not that we can tell God what to do or have Him do our will, but we're to be bold when it comes to standing on God's promise and His will. We need to grab hold of His cloak of blessing, the sacred kanaf, the wings of His garment. Take the initiative to receive the blessing, to receive your healing and your shalom is waiting to happen. God has given you the promise. So go to Him in faith and holy hutzpah and say, "Lord, spread Your garment over me."
    From Message #465 - The Sacred Fringe
    Today's Mission
    The Word is filled with blessings God has for you. Boldly push through, as did Ruth, to take hold of them today, even to grab the kanaf of His garment.
    Scripture: Ruth 3:9-13
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn