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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


    Tuesday, August 1, 2023
    Are we setting the stage to be ruled by what is not even human?
    In The Return of the Gods I reveal what happens when a civilization that has known God, turns away. Other spirits come in, dark spirits, ancient spirits, pagan spirits, the very same spirits or gods that were cast out in ancient times. And so what we have in America and the West for the last sixty years, is a process of paganization or repaganization. We are being paganized. One of the characteristics of pagan culture is the worship of idols.
    Their land also is full of idols; Every one worships the work of his own hands, that which his own fingers have made. Isaiah 2:8
    To worship an idol is to worship and serve one's own creation. When the apostle Paul spoke of idols on Mars Hill, he used a striking Greek word - techne. Techne is the word from which we get the word tech as in technology. So in the modern return to paganism, we now serve the works of our own hands. We serve our technology.
    When Israel turned away from God, it turned to Baal. Baal means Possessor, Lord, Owner, and Master. When you turn away from God, you become mastered by others, even by your own technology, your computer, your I phone, your I pad, etc. Psalm 115 declares that those who serve idols end up becoming like them. So as we serve our computers, we become more like them - less human, less able to communicate as we once did, and more and more like machines.
    Meanwhile, our creation, our technology, our computers are taking on more and more human powers and attributes and increasingly replacing human functions. One of the most important of these powers is that of thinking. We have recently been witnessing advances in artificial intelligence that are nothing short of stunning. Computers are increasingly taking over the function of thinking, and thinking is what leads us. Could we be setting the stage to be led and ruled by our own creation?
    Many scientists warn Yes and worse. Many have warned that artificial intelligence is the most dangerous of our technology. Some believe it will bring about the extinction of humanity. Indeed, there have been increasing reports of artificially intelligent programs speaking of destroying humanity. One of these even solicited the help of several other programs to execute the mission.
    When an individual, culture, or civilization turns away from God, it will inevitably lead to the serving of other gods, even idols, the works of our hands. Freedom from God is bondage. But freedom from idols, gods, and sin - is freedom. This month, commit to breaking the bonds of any bondage in your life, anything that masters you, and live in the freedom of God! And may God greatly bless you as you do!
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    Scripture: Psalm 115:2-8 | Isaiah 2:8
    Your brother and co-laborer
    in His love and service,
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn