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  • Not Speaking The Devil's Language
    Monday, August 7, 2023
    When I go to another country on a mission, I find I get into more trouble, when I try to speak the language that's not mine. I focus on learning one thing. How to say, "I don't know how to say anything in your language." Or as some say, "Sorry, I no-a speak-a your language." Somehow, we think if we just add vowels to English, they're going to understand. Our enemy the devil; HaSatan in Hebrew, is a speaker. He accuses, he engages. He engaged Adam and Eve and they got into trouble when they spoke with him. It's important - in dealing with the enemy; if he wants to engage you in dialogue of temptation, self-pity, pride, anger, with thoughts or words - that you don't deal with the enemy. When the enemy tries to engage you, disengage. Pay him no heed. Don't listen to him. Don't talk to him. Let it go right by you. Treat it like gibberish; as if you can't understand it and it has no place in your life. Just tell him, "Sorry, I no-a speak-a your language." And be done with it.
    From Message #525 - HUH?
    Today's Mission
    When the enemy tries to speak to you today, just ignore it. Instead, speak the language of God's blessings over everything.
    Scripture: Ephesians 6:16
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn