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  • Becoming a Baby
    Wednesday, August 9, 2023
    We come into the world without having to learn to be a baby, because we are babies. But in 1 Peter 2 it says we're to be as newborn babes. We need to learn what we never learned before, to become a newborn babe. We can actually become new again, actually prepare to become as babes. What's a baby? A baby is innocent. Learn how to become innocent. Learn how to stop being guilty. Babies are simple. Learn how to uncomplicate your life, uncomplicate your heart. Learn how to be simple in heart. Babies aren't weighed down, they're free. Learn how to become free. Unload your burdens. Babies are light, they don't weigh much. Learn how to stop being so heavy and become light. Babies are open. Learn how to be open. Babies have no past. Learn how to become unburdened by anything from the past. Babies are new. Learn how to become new again, fresh and revived as in the beginning. In God's mercy you can. Because His mercies are new every morning. It all begins when you learn how to become new, as a newborn babe.
    From Message #530 - As Newborn Babes
    Today's Mission
    Don't let situations or circumstances weigh you down today. Let Him deal with it. Lighten your heart as a little child.
    Scripture: Matthew 19:14 | 1 Peter 2
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn