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  • Your Song
    Tuesday, August 15, 2023
    When Miriam (Mary) is given the great news about bearing the Son of God, she starts singing. She had a song. She knew the Word of God and His Spirit was upon her. If she had been wrapped up in the world, her problems, running around, never having enough time, she wouldn't have had a song. Many of us live our lives wrapped up in the world, busy with our problems and too worried to have a song. But God's people need to have a song. Moses, Anna, Isaiah, Mary and the saints of Revelation had a song. You need to have a song. Your heart has to be able to sing, and overflow. God didn't call you to live a desperate life but to live abundantly, overflowing like someone who has a song. Don't live your life always wanting, always desperate, always needing more. You need to have a flow and time to overflow with God. Sing to the Lord a new song, a praise from your heart. God has called you to glorify, praise, and worship Him with a song, your own song, the song of your life.
    From Message #536 - The Song of Miriam
    Today's Mission
    Use songs of praise to honor God today and gain victory. Sing His praises and watch Him show up and rain down His blessings.
    Scripture: Psalm 95:1-2
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn