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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Challenges of The Drowning
    Thursday, August 17, 2023
    What are the reasons we don't share the Gospel? Fear of jeopardizing relationships, that it could get nasty, or they'll reject us? Picture a lifeguard at their station and someone is drowning. The lifeguard just sits there. The person screams "Why aren't you saving me?" The lifeguard answers, "If I try to save you, you might resist, hit me or hurt me." What would you think of the lifeguard? That lifeguard is you. If we refuse to share the gospel with someone who's perishing because it might rock the boat; cause an awkward moment or unpleasant situation, we have no excuse. People who are drowning, often resist, panic, or even hit the lifeguard. But no true lifeguard lets that stop them from saving the person. It didn't stop Messiah from saving you. Don't let it stop you from saving them. It might not be an easy save, but you still do it. You jump in. Forget the relationship. Forget trying to avoid unpleasant reactions. Get off your lifeguard seat and jump in. Share the gospel and save them.
    From Message #844 - Lifeguard Lifeguard
    Today's Mission
    See everyone outside of Messiah, as displaying an SOS (save our souls). Share the truth of Messiah with them today.
    Scripture: Matthew 28:19
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn