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  • The Rabbis' Messiah From Galilee
    Tuesday, August 22, 2023
    Growing up, Galilee didn't seem like a real place to me or a Jewish place. Yet, in the rabbinic writings it says, "The light will shoot up between heaven and earth and rest in the land of Galilee. For there was the beginning of Israel's exile and there - Messiah will reveal Himself in that light. He will return to His place and then the whole world will see that King Messiah revealed Himself in the land of Galilee." Wow! That's exactly where Messiah Yeshua revealed Himself; the place that was first judged by God, the land of the broken. His grace came there first. When you think of Messiah on the shores of Galilee, remember the people there were broken. God wants to heal the broken. When you mess up and feel completely unworthy as if you can't even approach God, when you want to run the other way and hide; run to Him. He's the Messiah of Galilee, the One whose heart is for the fallen and the broken. You'll find the blessings of His love, grace, healing and miracles in the arms of the Galilean, the Messiah.
    From Message #731 - The Days of Messiah
    Today's Mission
    Is there an area in your heart that has been broken? Run into Messiah's arms and let Him heal you today.
    Scripture: Psalm 51:1