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Craig DAmato



    As we go through life we meet people day in and day out. Some we consider friends some we consider acquaintances some we don’t consider at all. But every once in a while there are those that go beyond friendship, people that mean more to you than any friend that you may have ever had in your life. As I enter the second trimester of my life (ha ha), I have found a group of people that I have adopted as my family. Family, that’s a word that I only use for a few people. First and foremost my children, they mean more to me than life itself and nothing can change that not even all the harm that an angry former spouse can inflict on an innocent child’s mind (@#$%). But over the last few years I have met a group of people that have made me feel a part of something special, when my life seemed to be in a good place and even more so when my life seemed that it couldn’t get any worse. This group of friends excuse me, my family have been the shoulder to cry on and the people to laugh with. These are the people that I can talk politics or religion with without any arguments. I didn’t say disagreements, because that just wouldn’t be fun. And on the opposite end of the spectrum we can talk about boogers and toilet humor. In all my life I always considered myself a loner I had (friends) but no one really close that I could confide in, I think that I always confided in girlfriends that I had at the time, until I met the Sunday crew I don’t think that I have ever had real friends. I have had a rough childhood not a bad childhood I was more than taken care of by my parents. Things were tight but we never really went without or at least my parents didn’t lead us to believe that it was bad. It was more about the closeness that a family should have that just wasn’t there. Never a good job or I’m proud of you even when a comment like that was warranted. Or stand by your siblings and family first. My younger brother and I were inseparable as kids, he was my best friend and the one that I always wanted to hang with and my mother was the first one to drive a wedge between us. I was one of the first outcasts in my family based on religion if you can believe that. What I’m trying to say in all of this is no matter who you meet in your life give them a chance to prove who they truly are as people. One day you may be calling them brother, sister or just family.  Thanks for listening!

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