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Facinating Historical Re-Enactment of What a 15th C. Latin Mass

  • Fascinating Historical Re-Enactment of What a 15th C. Latin Mass Looked Like

    by ChurchPOP Editor - November 5, 2016
    uCatholic, YouTube

    Although the basic form of the Mass has remained the same throughout Church history, the details have changed quite a bit over time.

    Below is a fascinating video that shows what a Roman rite Mass would have looked like on October 4, 1450, the 18th Sunday after Pentecost.

    Note that this is a century before the liturgical reforms after the Council of Trent (the “Tridentine Mass”). Also note how it is different from the Extraordinary Form of the Mass today. The Extraordinary Form of the Mass is often called “traditional,” and it does contain many old features of the Mass. But it’s also the form as it existed in 1962. Between 1450 and 1962 lots of things had changed.

    Whether you consider yourself a traditionalist Catholic or not, this video represents a part of our shared Catholic history (it starts around 4:10):

    Anything surprise you about what you saw? Let us know in the comments!

    This is what my Ministry is about and does. 


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