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Saint of the Day

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    Saint of the Day

    St. Joseph Mary Tomasi

    St. Joseph Mary Tomasi (1649-1713) was born in Sicily to noble and virtuous parents. He received a good Christian education and was drawn to the things of God from an early age. He renounced his inheritance and titles, transferring them to his brother, and entered religious life in the Order of the Clerics Regular Theatine founded by St. Cajetan. When their children were grown, his parents also entered religious life. St. Joseph Tomasi became so well known for his sanctity and learning that his advice and friendship was widely sought. He was a master of several languages, including Hebrew, and converted his teacher, a Jewish Rabbi, to Christianity. He is known for his writings on theology and love of the Roman liturgy, earning him the name "Liturgical Doctor." Some of the liturgical reforms he sought were adopted in 20th century. He was famous for teaching catechism to the children of his titular church, and its congregants Gregorian chant. He was appointed a Cardinal, and not long after suffered from pneumonia and died. St. Joseph Mary Tomasi is the patron saint of liturgy. His feast day is January 1st.