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Office Readings

  • Wednesday 18 November 2020

    Wednesday of week 33 in Ordinary Time 
    or Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles 
    or Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne 

    Office of Readings

    Introduction (without Invitatory)

    If this is the first Hour that you are reciting today, use the version with the Invitatory Psalm instead.

    O God, come to our aid.
    O Lord, make haste to help us.
    Glory be to the Father and to the Son
    and to the Holy Spirit,
    as it was in the beginning,
    is now, and ever shall be,
    world without end.
    Amen. Alleluia.



    Bright as fire in darkness,
    Sharper than a sword,
    Lives throughout the ages
    God’s eternal word.

    Father, Son and Spirit,
    Trinity of might,
    Compassed in your glory,
    Give the world your light.

    Stanbrook Abbey Hymnal


    Psalm 17 (18)
    Thanksgiving for salvation and victory

    “A great earthquake took place at that time” (Rev 11:13).

    I love you, Lord, my strength.

    I love you, Lord, my strength,
    my rock, my fortress, my saviour.
    My God is the rock where I take refuge;
    my shield, my mighty help, my stronghold.
    The Lord is worthy of all praise,
    when I call I am saved from my foes.

    The waves of death rose about me;
    the torrents of destruction assailed me;
    the snares of the grave entangled me;
    the traps of death confronted me.

    In my anguish I called to the Lord;
    I cried to God for help.
    From his temple he heard my voice;
    my cry came to his ears.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son
    and to the Holy Spirit,
    as it was in the beginning,
    is now, and ever shall be,
    world without end.

    I love you, Lord, my strength.


    Psalm 17 (18)

    The Lord saved me because he loved me.

    Then the earth reeled and rocked;
    the mountains were shaken to their base:
    they reeled at his terrible anger.
    Smoke came forth from his nostrils
    and scorching fire from his mouth:
    coals were set ablaze by its heat.

    He lowered the heavens and came down,
    a black cloud under his feet.
    He came enthroned on the cherubim,
    he flew on the wings of the wind.

    He made the darkness his covering,
    the dark waters of the clouds, his tent.
    A brightness shone out before him
    with hailstones and flashes of fire.

    The Lord thundered in the heavens;
    the Most High let his voice be heard.
    He shot his arrows, scattered the foe,
    flashed his lightnings and put them to flight.

    The bed of the ocean was revealed;
    the foundations of the world were laid bare
    at the thunder of your threat, O Lord,
    at the blast of the breath of your anger.

    From on high he reached down and seized me;
    he drew me forth from the mighty waters.
    He snatched me from my powerful foe,
    from my enemies whose strength I could not match.

    They assailed me in the day of my misfortune,
    but the Lord was my support.
    He brought me forth into freedom,
    he saved me because he loved me.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son
    and to the Holy Spirit,
    as it was in the beginning,
    is now, and ever shall be,
    world without end.

    The Lord saved me because he loved me.


    Psalm 17 (18)

    You, O Lord, are my lamp, my God who lightens my darkness.

    He rewarded me because I was just,
    repaid me, for my hands were clean,
    for I have kept the way of the Lord,
    and have not fallen away from my God.

    For his judgements are all before me:
    I have never neglected his commands.
    I have always been upright before him;
    I have kept myself from guilt.

    He repaid me because I was just
    and my hands were clean in his eyes.
    You are loving with those who love you:
    you show yourself perfect with the perfect.

    With the sincere you show yourself sincere,
    but the cunning you outdo in cunning.
    For you save a humble people
    but humble the eyes that are proud.

    You, O Lord, are my lamp,
    my God who lightens my darkness.
    With you I can break through any barrier,
    with my God I can scale any wall.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son
    and to the Holy Spirit,
    as it was in the beginning,
    is now, and ever shall be,
    world without end.

    You, O Lord, are my lamp, my God who lightens my darkness.


    To show your great love for us, Father, you freed your Chosen One from the waves of death and established him head of the human race. Judge us by the sincerity of your Son that your strength may support us and our lives may remain blameless in your ways.


    ℣. All wondered at these gracious words.
    ℟. They marvelled at what the Lord was saying.


    Readings (official one-year cycle)

    First Reading
    Zechariah 10:3-11:3
    Israel’s liberation and return

    Thus says the Lord:

    ‘My anger burns against the shepherds,
    and I mean to punish the he-goats.
    Yes, the Lord of Hosts will take care of his flock, the House of Judah,
    he will make it his proud steed in battle.
    From him will issue Cornerstone and Tent-peg,
    from him the Bow of battle,
    from him all the Leaders.
    Together they will be like heroes
    trampling the dirt of the streets in battle;
    they will fight, since the Lord is with them,
    and the riders of horses will be thrown into confusion.

    ‘And I will make the House of Judah mighty,
    and the House of Joseph victorious.
    I am going to restore them, because I have taken pity on them,
    and they shall be as though I had never cast them off
    for I am the Lord their God and I mean to answer their prayer.

    ‘Ephraim will be like a hero.
    Their hearts will be cheered as though by wine.
    Their sons will look on this in gladness,
    their hearts will exult in the Lord.

    ‘I am going to whistle to them and gather them in,
    for I have redeemed them;
    they will be as numerous as they used to be.
    I have scattered them among the peoples
    but from far away they will remember me:
    they will teach their sons, and these will return.
    I mean to bring them back from the land of Egypt,
    and gather them from Assyria;
    I shall lead them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon,
    and even that will not be large enough for them.
    They will pass through the sea of Egypt
    and he will strike the waves on the sea;
    all the depths of the Nile will be dried up.
    The arrogance of Assyria will be cast down
    and the sceptre of Egypt be taken away.

    ‘Their strength will be in the Lord;
    in his name they will glory.’
    It is the Lord who speaks.

    Open your gateways, Lebanon,
    and let the fire burn down your cedars.
    Wail, cypress,
    for felled is the cedar,
    the mighty ones have been brought low!
    Wail, oaks of Bashan,
    for the impenetrable forest has been felled!
    The wailing of the shepherds is heard;
    their glorious pastures have been ruined.
    The roaring of the young lions is heard;
    the thickets of the Jordan have been laid waste.

    Zc 10:6-7; Is 28:5

    ℟. I am going to restore them, because I have taken pity on them, for I am the Lord their God,* and their hearts will exult in the Lord.
    ℣. On that day the Lord of hosts shall be a lovely garland, a beautiful diadem for the faithful remnant of his people,* and their hearts will exult in the Lord.


    Second Reading
    From a sermon by Saint Augustine
    The heart of the just man will rejoice in the Lord

    The just man will rejoice in the Lord and put his hope in him; the hearts of all good men will be filled with joy. We must surely have sung these words with our hearts as well as with our voices. Indeed, the tongue of the Christian expresses his deepest feelings when it addresses such words to God. The just man will rejoice, not in the world, but in the Lord. Light has dawned for the just, Scripture says in another place, and joy for the upright of heart. Were you wondering what reason he has for joy? Here you are told: The just man will rejoice in the Lord. Another text runs: Delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.
    What are we instructed to do then, and what are we enabled to do? To rejoice in the Lord. But who can rejoice in something he does not see? Am I suggesting that we see the Lord then? No, but we have been promised that we shall see him. Now, as long as we are in the body, we walk by faith, for we are absent from the Lord. We walk by faith, and not by sight. When will it be by sight? Beloved, says John, we are now the sons of God; what we shall be has not yet been revealed, but we know that when it is revealed we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. When this prophecy is fulfilled, then it will be by sight.
    That will be the great joy, the supreme joy, joy in all its fullness. Then we shall no longer drink the milk of hope, but we shall feed on the reality itself. Nevertheless, even now, before that vision comes to us, or before we come to that vision, let us rejoice in the Lord; for it is no small reason for rejoicing to have a hope that will some day be fulfilled.
    Therefore, since the hope we now have inspires love, the just man rejoices, Scripture says, in the Lord; but because he does not yet see, it immediately goes on to say, and hopes in him.
    Yet already we have the first fruits of the Spirit, and have we not also other reasons for rejoicing? For we are drawing near to the one we love, and not only are we drawing near – we even have some slight feeling and taste of the banquet we shall one day eagerly eat and drink.
    But how can we rejoice in the Lord if he is far from us? Pray God he may not be far. If he is, that is your doing. Love, and he will draw near; love, and he will dwell within you. The Lord is at hand; have no anxiety. Are you puzzled to know how it is that he will be with you if you love? God is love.
    “What do you mean by love?” you will ask me. It is that which enables us to be loving. What do we love? A good that words cannot describe, a good that is for ever giving, a good that is the Creator of all good. Delight in him from whom you have received everything that delights you. But in that I do not include sin, for sin is the one thing that you do not receive from him. With that one exception, everything you have comes from him.


    ℟. Believe in the unseen God, if you would see him who is now hidden from you.* Walk the dark ways of faith and you will attain the vision of God.
    ℣. If faith has not supported you on life’s journey, you will not attain the blissful vision of God in your heavenly country.* Walk the dark ways of faith and you will attain the vision of God.


    Let us pray.

    Lord our God,
    give us grace to serve you always with joy,
    because our full and lasting happiness
    is to make of our lives
    a constant service to the Author of all that is good.
    Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
    who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
    (one) God, for ever and ever.


    Let us praise the Lord.
    – Thanks be to God.

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