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  • Hello fellow clergy friends.  Besides the Head Diocese is in Countryside Illinois, we were in Florida, but had to close that Diocese Temporarily until we can get New and Honest Ministry there.  We have a Diocese in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Columbia, South America. We have 3 Bishops and 1 Deacon soon to be a Priest as soon as his formation is complete.  We have filed for our State of Illinois 501(c)3 status, also in South Carolina.

    St. Michael the Archangel Monastery is moving finally with its Ministry.  We are in constant prayer, devotions that our Ministry continues to move in directions of different states with God's Blessings.  We do not move with out The Lord's direction. 

    I am so excited that we are finally got the majority of the ministry off the ground.  It does take patience, Lots and lots of prayer and listening for the Lords Direction where he leads us to in the next steps of the Ministry.  Praise God in whom all Blessings Flow.


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